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From sunrise till sunset

You respect yourself and you want to feel absolutely feminine in the office, exhibition hall or gym, in supermarket, even in your own kitchen? You know how to experiment with colors and shapes? You are fond of receiving approving fixed looks from others, caused by your immaculate style? Finally, you carefully deal with your money, not running after trendy brands, giving preference to the “soft” style? In that case we make clothes exactly for you – the feminine and charming customer. Consequently, the “Magnolica” chain stores, located in Latvia, Moscow, Kiev, even in Andorra, are made directly for you.

Specific of Magnolia– one of the longstanding plants in the world, it is almost 100 million years old. The name of these adorable flowers is in remembrance of the French botanist Pier Magnole. The name “Magnolica” associates with light vibrations and delicate bouquet of perfume that spread around during the florescence of this amazingly tender and resistant plant – magnolia.

The company “Gratijas” gave birth to the brand “Magnolica”. It appeared in the Latvian market about 10 years ago. Obviously, designers, who create patterns for mass production goods are able to realize rash experiments. As a result, bold, colorful, original and unique samples emerge. However, the main orientation – a woman of middle class, who desires to look excellent even at home. If you wear clothing from “Magnolic” you feel comfortable in a bank, in legal office, communicating with your clients, as well as in a party, where you have been unexpectedly invited. Feel sure, that in “Magnolica” clothing you can turn up everywhere, feeling self-conscious. The principle prêt-a-porter (ready-to-wear), up-to-date design, skilful balancing on bounds, not to let inadequate claims on something ultramodern (and therefore sometimes graceless) – these are our basic trumps.

The main feature of our company - we orient ourselves on soft knitted garments: dresses, costumes, and sweaters, trousers from “Magnolica” knitwear one can hide some imperfections in figure, other – highlight excellent shapes. Masters of our company will shape to your figure as well. Nearly all women want to be in good shape and it is not compulsory to do sports professionally. In fact, there are three categories of sportswear in our offer: made of polyamide, cotton and viscose (all blends with elasthan). Beginners, as well as professional sportsmen will feel comfortable in our sportswear. Clothing from this collection can be used not only in a gym, but also in leisure time. Sportive details on some models (e.g. coquettish cut on a shirt) will be appraised even by the most reckless coquettes.

We utilize stock from Italy, Germany and Lithuania. We do not save on comfort of our customers, the level of stock quality conform to the level of modern equipment, made in Japan.  Our company spares no pains investing in equipment, made in recognized and approved companies all over the world.

We combine natural materials with synthetic (ensuring long life for our production), carefully adjusting to the “real” figure and on principle sidestepping ambitious ideas. A real woman, woman-flower, and woman-magnolia – she is perfect 24 hours a day, in all seasons in spite of features of her figure. That’s why every new model is created for real life models, not professional long-legged glamour girls from covers of magazines, but for standard women, who work in our company. Besides, all clothing for our brand is sewed exclusively in Latvia. It is explained by long-term culture of Latvian design and sewing: the delicate taste of Latvian masters makes no doubt for anybody.

The only thing that you have to do is to have a look in one of the shops “Magnolica”, and we are sure, that you will not leave without purchase. Our customers are even emigrants from Canada, Israel, and Germany.  And that’s because of the combination of style, quality and democratic prices!

Clothing, made by the masters of “Magnolica” (30 thousand articles per month), are bought up through all Europe, int. al. in England, famous with its sophisticated taste and style.

There is a saying, that the energy and mood of a cook by all means are transferred into a food. Similarly energy of a worker, sewing these clothes is passed on down the same way. Palm a sample of our clothing. Do you feel the warm-heartedness of our masters? In a word, the people work in our company since its foundation; this is their warm-heartedness, handed over through the clothing of “Magnolica”. From the very beginning the company has its own working regulations: each of our workers is a great value (a small detail – the company provides the workers with transport, which takes them to the work).

Samples of the clothing, exhibited in show-rooms, located in our representations in Moscow and Kiev probably will inspire businessmen, dealing with distribution. Population of Latvia can get acquainted with our production in the shops under this brand in Riga, Daugavpils, Liepaja and Tukums.

The designers of our company are working on a new line of clothing – our customers have spoken the word not to part from “Magnolica” even after the sunset.  So it is time for a collection of night-wear and pajamas.

Our company can offer you its service, putting trust on a long-term mutually beneficial collaboration. Let us introduce our company and our industrial possibilities:

“Gratijas Ltd” is founded in November, year 1997. From the year 2000 it is a member of Latvian Chamber of Commerce. The main activity – production of women clothing from textile and knitted threads (int. al.: skirts, blouses, dresses, trousers, etc.)

“Gratijas Ltd” manufactures almost 25 000 readymade clothes of special design for its shops and bulk purchase (Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany) monthly (threads from MIROGLIO SPA, TEXAPEL,  OBERNOSTERER STRICKSTOF, etc.) under the trade mark MAGNOLICA, as well as fulfils orders from foreign companies approximately 15 000 – 20 000 articles per month. Foreign orders are realized, using customers’ materials and templates.

“Gratijas Ltd” collaborates with following companies – GEFA TRANEMO AB, HALENS, QUALITEX as well as with several British companies – MONTON, SIMON JEFFREY, ESSENTIAL, CHR, KLEMENTY, EVERMAN etc.

From the year 2000 our production unit is equipped with new Japanese machines JUKI:

* overlock JUKI-MO-3900;
* 2-needele flat-machine MF-7000;
* Sewing machine DDL-8500-7;
* Spreading machine GERBER.

We are sure, that the quality of “Gratijas” production, professionalism of our workers, as well as our pricing policy, will awake your interest and serve as a basis for negotiation with your company. After receiving your answer we will send photos with main models of the current season and a price list as well.

With the best wishes,

Jevgenijs Nikulins

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